Himpunan Keramik Indonesia (HKI) or The Ceramic Society of Indonesia, a foundation under the Yayasan Derita Cita was founded on October 30th 1973 by the late Mr. Adam Malik, Vice President of Indonesia, the late Mrs. Sumarah Adhyatman and Mr. Soedarmadji J.H.Damais.

It’s aim was to increase knowledge among Members on ancient ceramics found in Indonesia by publication of books, and so far we published ten books. We are on our eleventh book to launch in the near future with a title “Martavan an Old Precious Heritage“.

Members have gatherings every two – three months with speakers from within our Society or guest lecturer from other countries. Beside knowledge on ceramics we also appraise our Member collections. During this event we also hold a “Pottery Exchange” which is a stale from Members to Members only and can also include trips to places of interest like Museums, kilns and excavation sites.

Nonetheless we also welcome Non Members as guest at our event.